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Boystown Haunted Experience: An Ash-tastic Adventure

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

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Talk to an old woman, wonder what you got dosed on, and end up in another dimension, the Boystown Haunted Experience is RICH with great photo opportunities, Easter eggs, jump scares, fantastic SL creator art, and a dose of hidden humor from your experience creators. The photos you're going to see in this gallery are all taken on the Experience Windlight. It's IMPORTANT you set yourself to region windlights when going through this experience. They managed to parcel a few areas off, so they'll change as you go, and they're the only way to get the real feel and experience of the place that the artists building it were trying to create. All the photos in here have been edited or overlayed, but the only scene lights you're going to see that aren't original to the set, is that handy dandy flashlight I'm holding (rumor has it Adham gives these out to the bottoms so the actors know to go easy on them, unless I've been fooled, guess we'll find out).

The first reason you're going to find that windlights are imperative here, is this little walk in particular. Cars.... dust.... it's like a Saturday at a short track, and the real horror here is the track prep guy doesn't know how to put down water. Hope you didn't wear white. Step on the right leaf (or any leaf) and a Nosy Ass Bitch is going to greet you with your very first jump scare of the evening.

You're gonna see a few of these guys around. This one got a little cocky with a flashlight. Looks like the Hazmat team came down with a bit of little dog syndrome, cause shine the ole torch right back and he folds.

You knew you weren't getting out of this without enduring clowns, so it was politely placed toward the beginning of the experience so you have plenty of time to forget about by the time you've survived the whole shebang. This is the part where some of us expect it to get a bit campy. Not at Boystown. Quality beautiful mesh, and a scene that's busy without being cluttered, even if you hate clowns, you can't hate this.

My personal favorite part of the tour, the "Boystown: The Karening" exclusive feature. This bitch will follow you anywhere for a good 10 meter range, hiss in your ear, and generally disrespect your personal space. I'd say it's terrifying, but I think we all have our very person we put up with that fit's this lady's docket daily.

On the topic of mundane horror, there's arguably little more terrifying of a Karen, then perhaps every time you ask the landlord to come fix the panels, only to have a fuse blow in the middle of the night. I don't know who here has ever been in a dirt basement, but the only blessing Adham gave the boys of the town here was not putting this in one of those serial-killer-victim-resting-places.

Here's where shit gets personal. Spend all day dodging a good hooking in the back by this guy, get together with a few of your closest friends, and show up to the BT Haunted Experience for a good time. Right? Wrong. At least unless you live for hooking. Ole Demi boy here didn't go away when you closed the game, he's here, and and he's not farming. Good news for you, there's a whole sewer waiting for you to explore, so you're going to have to catch up with your flower-faced friend later.

You knew it was coming, you didn't want it to, you lied to yourself and thought, maybe they'll spare me this one... small fear. I got news, they didn't. And Adham knew you'd hate it. He knew you'd hate it so he did it anyway, and he was kind enough to express all of our emotions about it for us. Don't forget to pay attention to the animation, it expresses what we were all thinking. Considerate, in hindsight.

Honestly, you may have thought by now, "I'm having a good ass time." Think again. Enter my pal Peepo.

Peepo's the living incarnation of a guy who woke up in the morning and said "fuck knees, I'll bend them whatever way I want." Why is this probably the most terrifying character in the whole Boystown Haunted Experience, you ask? Anyone who's dislocated, broken, or otherwise put a body part or two where it don't belong in life as well can fill you in on that one.

Take a right hand turn and you're gonna walk right into the best (and worst) insult of the night. How grossly adorable you're going to find these little MOFOs while you're trying to be so terrified even the shit won't come out of you, is predictable.

There they are, the famous four in the cute, leathery flesh. You can thank me later for making you walk over there. It took me forever to get the right zoom on these guys, but i did it for you all, because I'm a man of the people.

After this your really have two directions to go. One's a dead end and I won't spoil it for you, but if you hit a sign that says you've gone halfway, do the ole loop de loop and check out the other side before you move on. Aliens? Or modern science finally admitting they abandoned moral experimentation years ago? Either way it's worth a look.

When you've had your fun and your back on track, passed by a nice man who sounds like your grandpa regretting trying to get out of the recliner after the morning news, passed by another actual woman in Boystown (terrifying, i know), gotten eaten by something with teeth that's most DEFINATELY not a middle school myth, I know), be prepared to get wet. And not the wet you're thinking.

This area is honestly, downright GORGEOUS. Nevermind my massive obsession with the full moon on the horizon, it's got the perfect mix of sound, windlight, rain, and beautifully materialled flora that you're going to want to stop and smell the (probably deadly) flowers.

Your next stop is what can only be described as Mister Roger's Neighborhood for murder and mayhem. I wonder if they hit up the neighbors for a cup of eyeballs when they've run short on a recipe?

Freakiest of all for me really is the chainsaw guy. I despise the chainsaw guy in the haunted house. I know the blade is missing, that fucker knows I know, and he chases me with it anyway. So, like all things I hate, I took a picture of it, so it would last longer. Albeit from a safe.... safe distance.

You like Ghostface? Think he's hot? Cute. FREDDY is probably my favorite fixture in here. Why, you ask? Two words. Sweater Daddy. I'm gonna go with Freddy dig's brats, cause Daddy Long Claws over here seemed not to mind my extensive staring.

If Daddy Stripes didn't do it for you, don't fret. A little bit further and you can sit your ass down in a chair that'll make you dance whether you like it or not. Sure to satisfy the masochists that passed up on the Meet Men SL experience for axe murderers and human liver enthusiasts, this chair's better than your boyfriend, you can ride as long as you like. The smoke, dear readers, is not an overlay. It's bona-fide steam coming from one very Krispy Ash. If you sit down here, you better be ready to go all the way.

Jokes aside, there's some seriously gorgeous landscaping here, and if you're going for "killer in the woods" vibes.... they hit the mark. If your favorite murder-daddy DIDN'T make it into this exhibit, you've got some real hipster tastes.

Once you reach the boat, congrats, you're scot free. Sort of. Like all good tourist experiences, Boystown Haunted Experience abides by the ole "drop them in the gift shop" rule of thumb. And by gift shop, i really mean an entire ass other ride park and club area. So really the gifts are coming at no cost to you, though you can game your way to the top of the tipping leaderboard (seriously though, drop a tip, however small, this shit would cost beaucoup dollars to walk through in the first life, and probably cost way less than marketplace premiums).

If you're lucky, you'll get to interact with some of the Boystown Locals. In this case, it's absolutely advised to feed the wildlife. They're hungry from putting all their time into bringing you the spooky experience of a lifetime (or a secondlifetime really).

Here is where BT is holding a BUNCH of parties for halloween and where you can stop to take pictures with your friends, dance, ride the carnival rides, and generally just kick back and talk about what an awesome time you had. This area really is a whole other experience itself, and while the rides do look particularly spooky empty, I don't think the Staff would mind seeing them warmed with a few asses from time to time.

The Boystown Experience as a whole is free, and repeatable. Bring your partner, your brother, your mother, your dog, or that friend that you just love to bring terror to their life. Back on back to my flickr post and let me know what you thought of it. I'm sure to see many of you there on the Dance Fields.

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