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Elias Müller

Since you all know I am a very avid roleplayer, I'm used to creating a wide variety of characters and NPCs to support the roleplay sim. This has me doing a lot of very unique avatar setups, and I figured I would start sharing them with all of you. Meet Elias Müller, a 17th century grain farmer turned vampire. Present day, he manages the estates of the one percent, leaving him plenty of time to sit in Riverside Falls' Downstair's Lounge, which masquerades as a feeding and hunting club for the local vampire population.



Land*Shark Elias Shape

Homme Wrecker JOCKD December 2021

  • Head: Lelutka EvoX Devon 3.1

  • Body: Belleza Jake 2.1 Bento

  • Head Skin: Not Found Aron Skin Pale Browless

  • Body Skin: Not Found Belleza Body Pale Abs 2.0

  • Hairbase: Not Found Nicolas Hairbase Brown

  • Eyebrows: Not Found Mark Eyebrows

  • Beard: Not Found Aron Beard V2

  • Wrinkles: Not Found Aron Wrinkles Pale & Ric Frown Lines Ruddy

  • Body Details: Not Found Belleza Veins Pale & Belleza Belly Button Pale V2

  • Body Moles: Izzie's Body Moles medium

  • Body Hair: N E X U S bodyhair [A01] (chest/trail/pubic 2/butt 2) & bodyhair [L04] legs & armhair [H01] brown

  • Face Piercings: PKC Simple Lip Ring (Lelutka Erin) & Simple Nose Ring

  • Scars: Lelutka Evox Scar.011 & Scar.041.L & Scar.021.L & Scar.062

  • Face Blush: polar<3bunny Belle face paint. blush tintable

  • Ears: Andore Haru

  • Nails: N E X U S HD Nails [jake] v3.1 & Man Nicure [ Point Black]

  • Piercings: Punch Collarbone Studs & Pelvis Piercing Sixty Six Spikes & Spinal Spikes

  • Hair: Dura B-114-FAT Pack A

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