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Hey Nance

The 1920s theme has been a particularly enjoyable theme to get into for the new roleplay sim we opened this week. Jared and I brought our usual character's over from the old sim (set in modern day Denver) and it's been a real treat schooling up on our queer history. We were pretty intrigued to learn that in the 20s, there was a bit of a sexual revival, not just for women, but for queer men as well. It wasn't uncommon for gay men to dress as flappers to hit the jazz clubs. Since the character I play canonically does drag, it was something I enjoyed leaning into last night for our Mardi Gras party on sim. It's a little bit of a challenge to fit female heads and bodies to a close representation of my usual shape since there's not much Jake/Legacy queer clothing for this era, but well worth the exercise.

Check us out and join me on 42nd Street Supernatural Roleplay Sim




DPSP Eyes Up Here

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