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Love Hates

I know y'all are here for products, the next cool thing to buy, and I try to keep it whimsical when I post. Beautiful, inspiring. But sometimes I don't feel whimsical, or inspiring. Going through a rough one this week. The close of a multi-year relationship that I expected more compassion and understanding from the other person, only to be let down. The beginning of the next procedure in the cycle of surgeries I've endured to restore a limb to "good enough" functionality. Fear about the future, but also hope. Release from a cage I've been in, clarity about a person I had foggy goggles looking at before. Hope to return to adventurous life after healing. Freedom from my cage. But today, I feel rainy. I feel blue. My heart feels a little too much on the outside of me than the inside. I don't want to be seen, or see others. I just want to be. Be in the rain. So Flickr, SL-ites, Bloggers galore, my fabulous store sponsors. All you people out there in the metaverse. Don't be whimsical if you don't feel whimsical. Express yourself, don't accept the cage. Be you.



Homme Wrecker Peter Leather Jock

EQUAL Evan Sandals

  • Umbrella: ananas No Hate Umbrella

  • Helmet: ananas Personal Space

  • Bandages: MUSU Bandaged

  • BandAids: MUSU Hand Bandaids

  • Bruises: Corvus Full Body Bruises

  • Heart: Apika Sacred Heart

  • Flowers: tentacio Be Free

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