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Haven't been posting as frequently as usual because I warned y'all I was going to be coming up on some big medical recovery. I had a discussion with my partner recently, that sometimes I find it hard to express my physical or mental feelings with words, and I value art and photography for giving me an outlet to express my state visually, especially in the online world where we don't see each other face to face. So I took a break from normal sponsors this time to toss in something purely for the art, and the expression of it.

Surgery was Tuesday, and I got a LOT of hardware put in the ole foot, and a bone graft. I've been on a rotating dose of several meds, one which made me sleep for a good 26 hours straight (and much needed after two days of being unable to stay down more than 45 minutes). I've still been on and off SL, but I find I can't sit up on the screen without snoozin'. I miss y'all and miss the socialization, but at the same time, am terribly burnt out from the pain. But you all take care of me, a few of you have sent me small things or gotten my favorite terrible fast food delivered to the house. And I cannot be more grateful for the beautiful and supportive people I've made connections with through SL.

Y'all give me life. It's a long journey ahead full of a lot of time back on the ole peg leg before I can use the foot again, but I'm enjoying the rest, while looking forward to being back on my feet again. <3


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