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My Beautiful Dolly

It's a sad day for our Second Life Family. We lost a dear beloved member yesterday far too young and far too sudden. My SL daughter, Cirilla Hana Marie MacCaise-Onishi (yes she loved that mouthful of a name) was very excited when I showed her what Short Leash was releasing with their Dolly products line. She wanted to photograph photos for her blog in this case as well, and she helped me put together this Dolly boi avatar for the photos with her favorite stores, one of which was Insomnia Angel. She passed me about 3000 gachas to use with my new V-tech attachment, and this avatar and these photos will always be my final love letter from her.



.:Short Leash:. Dolly's Display Case at Fetish Fair

  • Backdrop: MINIMAL Natural Nude Backdrop

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