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Riverside Falls - Country Boy

Location: Riverside Falls Roleplay Sim



  • Head Skin: [Vendetta] Stefan Skin for Lelutka Paxton

  • Body Skin: [Vendetta] BOM Belleza Body - Tone 03 Happy Trail - Freckles

  • Head: Lelutka Paxton 2.5

  • Body: Belleza Jake 2.1 Bento

  • Body Tattoo: Premium - Leader Tattoo

  • Nipples: VAW XTC Nipples V3

  • Face Tattoo: MeshMafia - Thug Face Tattoo

  • Head Scars: Lex.Prime Scar Face for Mesh Heads

  • Body Scars: TF BBY Scars/Bite/Cuts/Bruises BOM

  • Freckles: Evolue Freckles BOM / +FATHER+ Simple Tintable Freckles

  • Blush/Contour: +FATHER+ Simple Tintable Blush / Tintable Nose Contour

  • Eyebrows: SimpleBloom Evolution

  • Eyes: Stray Dog AKENO Eyes

  • Hairbase: Volkstone Lee

  • Ears: :ANDORE: Mesh Ears Brody

  • Nails: NEXUS nails v3.0 Dirty Nails

  • Head Piercings: ~LittleFish~ Cleo (Lel Evo - Paxton)

  • Body Piercings: PUNCH Collarbone Studs / Pelvis Piercings / Spinal Spikes

  • Hair: Foxy -Saint

  • Necklace: MANDALA Shamira Dog Tag Necklace

  • Prosthetic: AZOURY Outsider

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