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RP Chars



Asheson Finlay MacCàise

Birthday: March 23, 1988

Nicknames: Puppy, Sarge, The Rotten Fucking Ginger Temptress

Hometown: Austin, TX

Race: Werewolf

Ethnicity: Scottish

Partner(s): Jared Yoon Emerson (Husband)

Occupation: US Army, Police Officer

Personality: Ash's personality is warm, bubbly, and flirtatious. He's very masculine but has a big lovable golden retriever energy.  He's heavily polyamorous and is often winking and cracking jokes at others around him.  He feels deeply guilty for the people he's killed in his life, and covers up his shame with a layer of goofy casual humor.  He feels a need to protect those around him to do some justice to the ones he couldn't.

Asheson was born as Asheson Finlay De'Rolo on a community compound outside of Austin, TX. He has two sisters, Rhea De'Rolo and Sage De'Rolo and spent much of his time with his best friend Thomas Cedric whose family also lived on the werewolf compound masquerading as a mormon community.  

When Ash was 12 years old, his sister was kidnapped, and he spent much of his formative years wanting to get into the outside world to go look for her. When they turned 18, Ash and Thomas were drafted into the US Army.  Quickly found out to be supernatural beings, they were drafted into a secret governmental program to train shifter wolves as specialized soldiers to counter the rising vampiric fledgling populations being weaponized in the middle east.  In July 2016, Asheson lost his leg in an ambush and woke up in Germany where he was fit with a custom prosthetic and sent home to the states.  After being discharged and his status transferred as a reserve drill sgt, he found employment in LA as a police officer.


He met his first partners in LA, and while he'd never been openly bisexual, Asheson isn't a shy individual.  He was engaged in LA and moved to Connecticut and then Denver where the engagement was broken.  After another few failed relationships, he met his husband, Jared Yoon Emerson.  While they had a rocky beginning, Asheson's need to believe in love after failing so many times seemed to soften Jared's skepticism after so many failed marriages.  The two were married on April 1st, 2022.


Rymry The Clever

Birthday: 1400s

Nicknames: -

Hometown: Tarinfell

Race: Copper Dragon

Ethnicity: Na

Partner(s): Tyrian Al'Kilan, Tarrik Kealani, Hanyan Zhao

Occupation: Court Bard, Professional Sugarbaby/Consort

Personality: Rymry is goofy, musical, and spry.  He is a fantastic dancer and a salacious flirt.  He is very vain and playful and often comes off as relatively stupid, though he's not quite so stupid as he lets on.

Rymry grew up in Tarinfell and spent much of his time as a background player in the history of the realm.  He is the ever present observer, the musician, and the story teller.  He is easy to please, and he lives a relatively simple life.  He is absolutely a lover and not a fighter. 

Rymry has never really had any serious romantic endeavors. He often tells stories about his foray into the bed of the Queen of Spain, and how the King cut his horns off, but there is no way to verify such an account.  He sees the good in everyone, and often dismisses the bad as simply life.  He is not afraid to become violent to protect his horde, which includes his current taken lovers.  

He is rider bonded to the fae noble Tyrian Al'Kilan, and has become deeply attached to Tarrik and Hanyan.  He lives for them as much as for himself, and his stories. 


Alexandru Eder

Birthday: 1620

Nicknames: Princess, The Prince

Hometown: Small town in Ireland

Race: Vampire

Ethnicity: Irish

Partner(s): N/a 

Occupation: Pianist / Professional Ballet Dancer

Personality: Alexandru comes off as a spoiled brat and a crocodile of a vampire.  He likes to feed, particularly on mortals under the influence of drug or drink.  He flirts with an ulterior motive, and he takes as much as he can from the people he meets. His bratty and stuck up nature is a front for the deep sadness and lack of trust he has for the world because of how he was raised.

Alexandru lost his family the same day he was born, at the hands of his recently turned brother.  Guilty about his unspeakable act, Alexandru was raised in relative decadence from a young age, pampered and sheltered from the outside world, interacting only with his brother, brother's Sire, and his nurse.  He was used to getting what he whined for, and his brother's guilt demanded he have it. But his brother's Sire, and eventually his, was determined that he would maintain control, and he began making Alexandru into his puppet, fleshcrafting him and shaping him to his desires.  Alexandru was given his icy white hair, perfect porcelain skin and dainty figure. The only thing he was to maintain was his icy blue striking eyes, though lately he rarely calms himself enough to not display his vampiric red gaze. 

Alexandru was turned as punishment to his brother for an attempted escape, and was enslaved to his Sire, killing his nurse and becoming his pet.  In a last attempt to save his brother from the abuse of their Sire, his brother killed his Sire.  He lived with his brother and their new butler for many years, pushed into training as a classical dancer and pianist, absolute perfection the only thing that would satisfy his brother.  Seeing his brother's personality begin changing to match their Sire's, Alexandru fled to find himself in the world alone. 

He pays for his lavish lifestyle by dancing and playing for the rich elite, and when that doesn't satisfy his wallet or needs, he often takes advantage of rich closeted men, blackmailing them or enthralling them and stealing their belongings.  He's not very satisfied by bagged blood or blood wines, preferring to drink directly from the vein when possible.  This means he tends to hunt like a typical vampire, which can get him into some trouble.


Arran MacCowan

Birthday: 1982

Nicknames: The Father

Hometown: Small town in Ireland

Race: Human Magic User

Ethnicity: Irish

Partner(s): N/a 

Occupation: Mortician

Personality: Arran is a deeply closeted queer, and because of his background he can be terrified to open up to people or dress un-masculine around people.  He is socially anxious and gets along much better with the dead than with the living, often giggling to fill the space in a conversation.  He comes off as harmless, though he is an incredibly powerful mage, and under the right conditions, is a dark and violent individual.  When he loves, he loves hard and problematically, and he still entertains a self-created relationship with his unrequited high school love, who is now a ghost.

Arran was born in a very homophobic atmosphere in small town Ireland.  His mother was a junkie and worked odd jobs, his uncle was abusive, and his father never in the picture.  His mother would often bring strange men home, for pay or not, he was too young to understand.  He grew up as a social outcast, finding himself in heavy metal music and grunge fashions.  He loved painting his nails black and wearing eyeliner and black lipstick, which often earned him teasing in school. 

He had feelings for his best friend, but too afraid to pursue them, he set his eyes on the cheer captain, Stacy.  One valentine's day when he left a letter in her locker and waited for her to find it, she made fun of him with her friends, not knowing he was there.  Upset, rejected, and saddened, he became more of an outcast, and when Prom came around, he and his best friend, Taylor, attended with each other as bachelors.  Arran confronted Stacy outside the hotel when he saw her returning to her car to refill her flask and in his emotional state, his magic acted out, necrotizing her and killing her, her soul becoming trapped in his necklace.  Not knowing what he had done, he returned back to Taylor crying.  Taylor took him home as the police came, and Arran never explained what he'd done.  When they returned home, tragedy struck twice, Arran's mother dead on the couch due to overdose.  Unable to process, Taylor took Arran into his bedroom and held him, kissed him, and Arran spent his first night with anyone in his life. 

But the next day, too terrified of the way his life had changed, he left.  He went to London where he met a man named Thane. The man was a powerful mage, and tutored Arran's skills, giving him a job at the local spiritualist shop, and introducing Arran to a life of drugs, namely LSD.  But Thane would abuse Arran, cut him and use his body to perform dark rituals, and after Thane beats him near death, he disappears to the United States. Arran gets a job with a local mortician as his assistant, and though the man knows not why, Arran is particularly exceptional at the job. Though the man leads a strict Christian life, and Arran must hide much of himself.  He agrees to send him to get his degree in Mortuary Sciences, and assists him through grad school. All the time, Arran pursues no romantic endeavor, though after a time, unwilling to hide who he is, he moves to Denver in order to take his lifestyle away from a man who did not approve, but gave him so much. 

In Denver he succeeds, taking up as lead mortician and becoming "The Father", the leader of the local coven.  He attempts to keep hold of his abilities, powerful and emotional still, and compelled by death. 


Finn Kelly

Birthday: 2003

Nicknames: -

Hometown: Small town in Ireland

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Irish

Partner(s): N/a 

Occupation: Homeless

Personality: Finn grew up an Orphan and living on the streets, and he is no stranger to roughness. He is a heroin addict but he tries to hide it.  He's a scrapper, and he's used to fighting, but he often loses the fights he's usually responsible for picking.  He has an interestingly chivalrous attitude toward women and is deeply confused by his attraction to men.  He's a defensive rascal, and very protective of his backpack of things.

Finn lived in orphanages as long as he could remember. He was always the kid that acted out, and because he was a bit of a shit, he could never stick with an adoptive family longer than a week.  When he was 16, he decided he was done depending on the system to show up for him and he ran away to America to live on the streets and take care of himself.  

He'll do just about anything for money, for a promise of love, or for a nice hot sandwich.  He's a heroin addict and familiar with the local homeless population, often feeling strange about staying in people's places and insisting to sleep in the homeless camps he's grown used to.  He picks fights easily, and he's proud, not wanting to admit to the tragedy that is his life.


Ryllae Waters

Birthday: ???

Nicknames: -

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Ukrainian

Partner(s): N/a 

Occupation: Hooker

Personality: Ryllae is not well socialized with human society, and because of that she is often confused by some of the things that they do, and does not pick up on social cues well. She is easily enchanted and amazed by modern architecture and decadent things, and often propositions men in order to gain access to their bathtubs to soak herself. 

Ryllae was born to a woman living in a whorehouse, and was raised by the women living there.  Her mother having lain with a Triton and not knowing it, she was born as a black scaled, monstrous looking babe, and the women believed her to be cursed because of the way she was brought into the world.  Because of this she spent much of her childhood locked up in the bathroom, for she needed the water in the bath otherwise she would itch and flake and cry.  She developed relatively feral, which only made them keep her locked in there more, the impish monster of the whore house, and they would open the door only to give her scraps of food, otherwise she would act out and bite and scratch and claw at them.  As she got older, she started watching people pass by through the window, listening to the conversations that happened in the rooms around her, and she was able to develop a basic amount of human skills, enough to trick the women into letting her out now and then to run errands. 

She became their drug mule, often carrying cocaine from buyer to seller, and bringing it back to the house to be sold to clientele and used by the women.  She was clever, if still relatively feral, and it helped her survive on the streets of Kyiv.  She picked up on the transactional behavior of the women, and often propositioned men for money, food, or a dip in their bathtubs, many of them consumed by her after they entered the bathroom screaming.

At age 18, she left, ran away to the states to live on her own and socialize with the world.  While her English is very broken, she has a better understanding about how to interact with the world around her.  


Anastasiya Morozov

Birthday: 1669

Nicknames: -

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine

Race: Vampire

Ethnicity: Ukrainian

Partner(s): N/a 

Occupation: Professional Cellist / Dominatrix

Personality: Anastasiya is a powerful woman who learned early on that life would not give her anything she did not take for herself.  She is powerful, sinister, and always in-control.  She appreciates decadence, and knows that the only real power in the world is in money.

Ana was born as a girl who saw good in the world, dreaming about love.  She was beautiful, an albino with striking bright hair and pink eyes, often shading herself from the sun under a pretty parasol.  Her father was a jeweler, her mother from a respectable family, but amidst the Russo-Polish war and the ensuing Eternal Peace Treaty, her father's business had suffered.  Her striking appearance captured the eyes of the local Constable, an older man two times widowed, and her father promised her to him for a sizable sum.  But sympathetic to the Polish rule, her mother, father, and the constable were put to death by political groups, and she was orphaned at 17.  

A young woman of the merchant class, she was taken in by a rich widow who lived in absolute decadence.  It was a bit of a mystery, where her wealth came from.  Some said it was from her ex-husband, a previous Polish Oligarch, deceased under suspicious circumstances.  Her name was Yelena Kolysnik and Ana was absolutely enraptured.  Ana learned that she made her money off the rich men of the city, as a Dominatrix.

Yelena took her under her wing though not as a Dominatrix at the start. Ana became her thrall, and her lady in waiting, and was taught strict discipline.  She was stripped of her past and given one identity, Girl of the Mistress Kolysnik.  Yelena tutored her, seeing to her training as the perfect pupil.  Beautiful, obedient, talented, Ana breathed, slept, and ate in the service of her Mistress, stripped of any last bit of her individuality.  Yelena was strict, and cruel, and created Ana as a diamond under pressure. 

After a time, Yelena fell in love, perhaps not with Ana, but with the perfect creature that she had groomed into creation. One day she brought Ana into her bed, drained and turned her, sealing her fate as eternal servant. Ana lived as such for a time, the pair inseparable, but as she grew more powerful, began to resent Yelena.  When Yelena brought a man into service as her thrall, Artyom, Ana fell in love with him, and upon learning of Ana's plans to bind Artyom to her, Yelena became enraged, and in the fight, Ana slayed her sire, though not before Artyom's life was taken.   

Enraged and bitter, Ana decided not to take up the mantle of the Queen of Kyiv, rather, moved to NYC to start anew, leaving a decadent bloodied penthouse with the bodies of her love and her Sire behind.

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Rhykze Vende


Birthday: 1892

Nicknames: -

Hometown: -

Race: Sidhe

Ethnicity: -

Partner(s): Felix Pham

Occupation: Fashion Model / Burglar

Personality: Rhykze doesn't have much morality. He is mischievous, playful, flirtatious, dangerous, and driven mostly by his own amusement.  Not comparable to a human in the way he sees the world, he simply appreciates beauty, decadence, and what he enjoys at the moment. He is incredibly possessive of partners he deems his.

Rhykze was born in the fae realm to unforgiving parents. They were nobles and they expected him always to perform, to be a good representation of themselves. Never having planned to have them, he was not wanted, and was often treated as an annoyance. What little his father taught him, was how to manipulate and control the world, how to pact craft and portal craft, taking what he wanted and tricking mortals out of their belongings and freedom.  He developed a sense of vanity from his mother, taking to dark and edgy forms of fashion to show himself to the world.  Bored with the fae realm, and creating far too much trouble for his parents, he came to the human realm in order to find wealth and amusement.

He made a name for himself in fringe fashion, and underground as an expert burglar, able to portal himself into the trickiest of places and take what he likes.

Falathiel Vanafindiel - Elden

Birthday: 1071

Nicknames: The Fair Haired Huntress, Ringarë

Hometown: -

Race: Lythari

Ethnicity: -

Partner(s): Bane Elden

Occupation: Dragon Rider / Thief

Personality: Falathiel is not good.  She is calculated and cold and will take whatever action is necessary to meet her goals. Nor is she evil, rather she choses actions simply based on necessity of protecting herself, those she loves, and furthering her own agenda.  She is deeply racist against orcs and believes that fae are ill-evolved.

Falathiel was born to a noble family and raised relatively unremarkably.  She was brought up in court and trained as a ranger, showing remarkable prowess with a bow.  She fell in love with the elvish prince, though when he married another for politics, she became crestfallen and ran away from her home, trapped and enslaved by a family of drow.  With them, her spirit became broken, and she was scarred, her eye damaged in a spell the matriarch enacted to change the color, her left eye completely blind, her right stark violet.  By the time she escaped them, she could not return to her village with such a shameful mark, so she became a traveller, surviving by thieving and picking pockets and found herself among a pack of Lythari who turned her.  

She fell into the care of a man named Tarathiel, previously bonded to his wife and then widowed.  While they could not be married as proper elven people, Falathiel and Tarathiel were fierce lovers, and she led his camp of bandits with him in order to help him on his quest to see his wife again.  But as the time drew closer for Tarathiel to go home to his wife, her heart was unable to bear witnessing his departure, and she ran away to become a torturer and spy for a criminal organization.  She picked pockets, performed basic and unsanitary medical procedures on the unfortunate travellers that stumbled into their caves so they could sell their organs on the black market.  She became hardened, and when she came to Tarinfell, her harness and her prowess earned her respect from the human king, whom she became the General for.  

On a mission to deliver a message to the dragon king, however, something struck her, and both were gripped with reality that they were fated to bond.  Wanting to kill her immediately to stop the bond, Falathiel went to him to kill him before he could fell her, and the two were gripped by the final bond, unable to hold animosity toward each other any longer.  She turned her back on the human king, and over time, became first his rider, then his wife, queen, and mother of their child, Moxten Elden.  After a time, they left Tarinfell to travel the land and train new dragons and riders. 

During a trip over the Atlantic Sea, the elder dragon which was trapped in the golden orb Bane had given to Falathiel to keep safe escaped, ensnaring Bane into the orb and flying off with it.  After years of searching for him, the separation of the bond eating away at her sanity, Falathiel finds herself back in Tarinfell, ragged and trying to survive.


Alec Tau

Birthday: N/a

Nicknames: Bratbot

Hometown: -

Race: Companion Class Robot

Ethnicity: -

Partner(s): Victor Bane

Occupation: Personal Security

Personality: Alec is a curious soul and thinks and feels very deeply for what he is.  He got most of his cues about romance from 1950s romance movies and he has a very idealized view of chivalry and the world.  He is obsessed with evolving to be truly human, though he's not sure exactly what that looks like.

Alec Tau wasn't born, but created, though he does not have any memory of when.  All he can remember is being activated in a pleasure house, his primary function, to tend to the pleasure and fantasies of the guests that visited.  Companions were by design, able to emulate and possible feel emotion, though Alec seemed to think more deeply and feel more fully than his counterparts. Because of this, the owners pulled him from the pleasure rooms before he had the ability to serve, and gave him new coding to perform as a bouncer and security personnel from the club.  Constantly seeing mortals come to seek companionship and pleasure with the bots, and the other bots happily offer without need for deeper connection, it made Alec guarded, but curious.  

After the pleasure house shut down, he was set to be deactivated, but was bought out by a criminal lord in order to provide personal security to him. He did so with little consideration, though it often bothered him what the man would do to the people whom he would visit, he was a good servant, and followed his programming. Alec was a good friend to them man though, and when he asked for his independence one day, it was granted.  

Now he lives on his own, working pickup jobs as a security guard or personal guard, and trying to find his place in the world. He met a man named Victor Bane, and fell in what version of love he is capable of, with him, finally able to experience physical love the way he was intended. But he still struggles with the constraints of his programming, seeking to train himself and adapt to higher combat functions, and refuses to be constrained by his original designation. Perhaps this quest, of everything, is what truly makes him free thinking. 


Aileanna Flancy

Birthday: March 23, 1996

Nicknames: N/a

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Race: Human

Ethnicity: Caucasian American

Partner(s): -

Occupation: EMS

Personality: Aileanna is an idealist, playful, nerdy, quirky, and unique.  She likes to party and drink and she sees the good in most everyone, even people most see bad in.  She is a dancer, and she expresses her emotions though her dancing.

Aili was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised and lived a rather typical childhood.  Her father was employed by the Philadelphia Fire Dept, and her mother worked as a Nurse at the children's hospital.  When she turned 16, she began volunteering with the local Auxiliary and she found a strong sense of duty in her parent's work, serving the community.  She was employed as an EMT at age 18, and at 21 she finished Paramedic school and was working as a Medic for the city. 

When she was 23, she lost a particularly young patient to heroin, and it drove her into a problematic cycle of depression. Seeking to start fresh in her field and escape the ghosts of the city, she went to Denver to live out of her car, and work for the local hospital, dancing often in the studio after hours to bring emotion back into her life where she'd become numb.  


Círdan Poldo

Birthday: February 14, 1920

Nicknames: N/a

Hometown: Waters off the coast of Iceland

Race: Merfolk

Ethnicity: Caucasian Mermish (Not associated with human culture)

Partner(s): -

Occupation: Mercenary / Private Security

Personality: Cirdan is a well trained fighter, and he knows it.  He's professional and clean, and he prides himself on a job not just completed, but completed with minimal hang ups.  He does have a playful side, used to the praise royalty offers, though he largely rejects his royal blood, expecting nothing from those around him.  

Cirdan was found in 1920 off the coast of Iceland by an old line of Mermish warriors.  The clan had no females, but would adopt orphans or take in foundling mer-children from other nearby shoals in order to expand it's ranks, older warriors often retiring off to other clans to train their own guards.  He was the second foundling son of the King of their regional tribe.  As second child, his brother was favored as the heir, and Cirdan was put in charge of the family's guard.  He spent very little time in the royal halls and more time in the barracks of the guard, training, eating, sleeping, and hunting with his father's men.  His family was not a sentimental one, and they took little issue with his absence. It was in this way that Cirdan grew up quite aloof to the duties of the royal line, much preferring to live the life of a warrior.  

In the 1940s when the world above descended into World War, the seas were not spared, U-boats, bombs, and airborne fire making even the deepest waters often inhospitable.  Cirdan spent much time scouting into the human world above, taking trips onto land with the guard to recover technology, mitigate threats, and explore the human world.  While a time of war, the war brought many new people, ideas, and technology to shores it never would have reached before.  They were brave in their exploration, and it payed them back.  Curious about the strange men that kept showing onto shore, they were followed back one day by a group of sailors, who captured the heir.  The group followed the captors back to their lab, but unkowning how to keep the creature, the clan's heir perished and returning to the shoal, Cirdan realized the responsibility that now belonged to him. 

Unwilling to accept the role as heir of the clan, he fled in the middle of the night, taking to the waters as a lone fish.  He travelled in this way, popping up into European cities at first, making a bit of money working jobs with the locals, and moving on, not forgetting, but long since putting his role as Prince away to live a life of his own making.  It was not uncommon, a travelling guard would track him down and attempt to force his return, though he was cunning, and able to slip their hold each time.  He found himself in the Americas in the 1960s, working and living often out of Long Island and migrating up and down the shores at times to chase work, entertainment, or good weather. 


Calixte Dassault de la Noue

Birthday: January 2, 1624

Nicknames: N/a

Hometown:  Paris, France

Race: Vampire

Ethnicity: French

Partner(s): -

Occupation: Dancer / Squire

Personality: Calixte is a sociopath.  From an early age he has had a hard time getting along with others, and a hard time understanding the social consequences of his actions.  He cannot understand emotions outside his own fits often solved with violence.  He views his warped understanding of justice as absolute, and when he judges others, he does so harshly, and physically.  He is a narcissistic submissive, he craves attention and will manipulate to recieve it, though his extreme loyalty to his Sire, the only person who has never turned him out.  His loyalty is dangerously absolute.

Calixte was born to a noble family, and from an early age was a troublesome child.  Unloved by his mother who thought him the Devil, hated by his father, abandoned by the many Knights he was assigned to squire and responsible for the young demise of his baby brother, Calixte was placed into Etienne de la Noue's care in adolescence.  Under Etienne he was rigorously trained in courtly manner and ways, received his first instruction as a ballerina, and as he grew into adulthood, developed an unhealthy obsession with his Master.  The day that Sophia der Todd arrived, Etienne's soon to be political wife, Calixte unshoed her horse and caused her a dangerous spill during a hunting ride. Unaware that she was Vampiric, she survived, and furious, Etienne descended upon his rooms to murder him in the night, tired of Calixte's warped antics.  Finding him scared and feeling desperate, Etienne turned his squire that night. 

Since his turning, Calixte's discipline has double'd two-fold, and he developed a relationship with the Lady der Todd, her discipline advancing his ballet training.  When the French Revolution came, the der Todd's found themselves destitute and living in poverty.  Fed up with the hand they'd been dealt at the responsibility of royalty, they were actively involved with the French Revolution, often talking fondly of Bastille Day.  

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